Terms of use

1. About us
1.1. This document covers our Standard Terms of Engagement regarding the work we will provide in relation to this matter.

1.2. Mancipatio provides certain select services of immigration targeting mainly business immigration, while explicitly excluding non-business-related immigration. We do not handle refugee law, nationality and human rights law. Any person acting on our behalf does so in their capacity as a partner or employee of ours, and not in any personal capacity. Any action by them, any communication from them, or any so from them, is taken, sent or given on our behalf.

1.3. In application of current laws in force and effect, we maintain compulsory professional indemnity insurance the full details of which can be requested from our head office in Paris.

1.4. Please note that these Terms cover only instructions to act in matters concerning business immigration. For matters unrelated to immigration, such corporate restructuring or otherwise, please call our head office. Any delay or failure in the performance by us hereunder shall be excused if and to the extent caused by the occurrence of a Force Majeure. We are also not liable in the event of death, refusal of application and / or appeals, and in cases of undisclosed criminality we reserve the right to cease to act. We will also not be liable for the act and / or advice given by third parties, such as experts, agents, barristers and / or other representatives.

1.5. The work on the file will be either carried out under the authorisation or supervision of the partner. Should your allocated legal representative not be available when you contact the office, you can contact a managing supervisor or partner. If they cannot help then please leave a message and we will return your call as possible. Once a file has been created for your matter, you may be allocated a reference number which may be provided to you. Please quote this reference when you telephone the office or in correspondence with us.