Terms of use

23. Acceptance of terms

23.1. Your continuing instructions amount to your acceptance of these Terms of Engagement. All instructions are governed by our standard terms of engagement and notification of this, along with a link to the same can be found at the bottom of emails sent out by the firm’s authorised representatives. These terms are available to all parties irrespective of whether you instruct us or not and therefore should be considered as pre-advised terms.

23.2. Dependant on the method of instruction, clients will routinely receive a written proposal of service confirming these terms prior to the creation of any official instruction.

23.3. Clients instructing via non face to face channels will also routinely be referred to our full terms at the point the instruction is formally accepted represented by the client considering the firms offer and accepting it by making payment for the services offered.

23.4. Clients wishing to cancel services or obtain clarity regarding any aspect of our terms or service are advised to do so prior to engagement of legal representation as all clients will be deemed to have been served with our full terms prior to instructing and will assume full responsibility for ensuring that they have read, understood and agree with the full terms by continuing to engage service.

24. Applicable law and dispute resolution:

24.1. These Terms and any other contractual documentation including quotations and other binding documentation shall be construed in accordance with the laws of France.

24.2. Any dispute which cannot be amicably resolved in accordance with the Terms and Conditions will be finally settled by the courts of Paris having exclusive jurisdiction.