Terms of use

21. Cancellation Rights

21.1. The service provider and payment facilitator is Mancipatio Services SAS who is a simplified joint-stock company with its registered office at 24 Rue Mayet, 75006 Paris France.

21.2. Mancipatio Services SAS provides legal advice, guidance and representation in person and online / via telephone through distance selling.

21.3. Prices are dependent on your individual requirements and prospective clients would be provided with a bespoke quotation in all cases prior to being accepted as a client.

21.4. Service is routinely provided remotely and as the service is not tangible, delivery of service will be by remote provision of professional legal assistance, guidance and representation.

21.5. We operate a Fixed Fee pricing model. This means that all clients are provided with a bespoke Fixed Fee quotation prior to delivery of service.

21.6. A Fixed Fee quotation represents the fee that Mancipatio will charge the client to provide representation for a specific pre-agreed matter.

21.7. All Fixed Fee matters are exclusively accepted on a retainer basis – This means the client will pay a fixed fee, agreed in advance, to retain the professional services of the firm until the conclusion of the matter. -This, at minimum, means until the matters instructed for have been completed.

21.8. Fixed Fee matters must be paid for in full prior to the firm accepting the instruction.

21.9. The firm may, at its sole discretion, accept, arrange or enter a payment plan with the client.

21.10. The point at which a client formally instructs the firm will be determined by when the client has accepted our offer of service and quotation by making payment.

21.11. Ordinarily, under the Consumer protection laws in place, the client would have a 15 day ‘cooling off’ period beginning at the point at which payment has been made to the firm during which the client could cancel their contract without penalty and be entitled to a full refund but provided however that no service was effectively delivered during this period.

21.12. It should be clearly noted that by instructing us, you understand and agree that we will commence service within 15 days of payment and therefore no ‘cooling off’ period will exist for the purposes of cancelling services following instruction.

21.13. The point at which our first chargeable service is delivered is during legal consultation between the client and a senior solicitor/partner at the firm.

21.14. If no legal consultation has been delivered, you will have a 15 day cooling off period following payment to cancel the contract for a full refund.

21.15. All cancellation requests must be made in writing within the 15 day cooling off period and sent to [email protected].

21.16. All cancellation requests must provide your full name, address, telephone number and email address along with the reasons for your cancellation request.