Terms of use

17. Data protection

17.1. We are bound by the provisions of the French regulations governing the retention of data and the use of the data including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
17.2. In order to deal with your affairs, we may store and process information comprising personal data. This personal data will concern you as our client if you are an individual. The personal data will be entered into our database and/or written records. By accepting these Engagement Terms you are giving consent for us to obtain, store and process information about you as our client and are agreeing that we may use the information we hold about you to contact you from time to time to bring to your attention services which may be of benefit to you or to advise you of information such as developments in the law or other news. You have the right to object to direct mailing and you may withhold (or at any future time withdraw) any consent given by you for this purpose by contacting us in writing. We will inform you and seek your prior consent if it becomes necessary for us to supply such personal data to any third parties in connection with our service.