Terms of use

6. Fee Guide

For potentially complex cases, we routinely offer an “agreed or fixed fee” billing option whereby we will propose a fixed fee to deal with your entire case prior to engaging service. Your “proposal of service” and or “confirmation of instruction” emails should confirm your fee structure and associated terms and conditions. It is important to note that fixed fee arrangements are retainer arrangements whereby you agree to retain our services until case conclusion/outcome in order to take advantage of a discounted and pre agreed free.
We recognise however, that in some cases, your circumstances may change and therefore, in the interests of transparency, we can provide you with an illustrative fee guide on both a fixed fee and hourly billing basis. In cases of withdrawn instructions, dependent on your billing model, you may be liable to pay the full fees agreed to or, at a bare minimum, all work already completed will be subject to our minimum hourly rates of EUR 400 per hour.