Terms of use

5. Hourly Rate

5.1. If the fees for our services have not been pre-agreed and fixed, as set out above, we will charge for our work on an hourly basis. The hourly rates for a particular matter should be discussed with the person supervising the matter. It is our policy to charge a minimum hourly rate of EUR 350 + VAT in all matters. This rate may vary for matters handled at our Paris offices.

5.2. Where applicable, we will add VAT to our fees and disbursements. All fees and disbursements are payable in Euro unless otherwise agreed and confirmed by us to you in writing.

5.3. Should the matter not be carried through to completion then a charge will be made in respect of the work that has already been completed. VAT or similar taxes will be payable on that amount and you will also be billed for any disbursements incurred.

5.4. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, our fees are payable irrespective of the outcome achieved or at which stage a matter has reached. If instructions are taken on an hourly rate basis, (which is not an agreed fixed fee basis), any matter that does not proceed to completion for any reason during the period in which we are instructed, then we will be entitled to charge for work done on an hourly rate of EUR 350.00 + VAT per hour for the work incurred from time of file opening (EUR 25.00 per standard letter/email, standard telephone calls in and out, consideration, attendances, research, drafting, preparation and perusal).

5.5. Following the conclusion of your matter, we are entitled to retain your file of papers and documents while there is money owing to us for fees.