Terms of use

7. Payment of our invoices

7.1. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, our invoices are payable in Euro within 7 days of date of invoice. Failure by you to pay one or more invoices by the due date in cleared funds may result in us suspending further work on any matters that we are handling on your behalf. This may lead to additional costs being incurred or rights being lost.

7.2. Please ensure that all payments made to us are accompanied by an identification of the payer. You must ensure that we are notified if funds are being transferred to our bank account, and that the name of the applicant (or appellant) is clearly identified. The sender of the payment will be responsible for ensuring that they have complied with these instructions and the firm accepts no responsibility for any loss or delays occurring due to non-compliance with these instructions.

7.3. If we have asked for a payment prior to commencing work, we will require confirmation from our bank that the payment has been credited to our account in cleared funds. If funds are transferred to our bank account in such circumstances but we do not receive advice of payment from our bank, there is a risk that additional charges will be incurred or rights lost. The firm accepts no responsibility for any loss or delays occurring in the absence of payment confirmation.

7.4. We reserve the right to refuse payment in cash of sums exceeding Euro 500.00 in accordance with our regulatory and anti-money laundering obligations.

7.5. If available at the time of writing, we may accept payment by credit card or debit card. If we accept payment by credit card, a surcharge may be added to the sum payable to cover our costs in providing the credit card facility. If applicable, you will be notified in advance of this surcharge, and typically it would be 2.5% of the total invoice value or amount paid inclusive of VAT.

7.6. We reserve the right to charge interest on any amount that is overdue for payment as well as any costs or expenses incurred in recovering such amount. The rate of interest shall be 2% per annum above European Central Bank base lending rate from time to time in force. Such interest shall accrue on a daily basis from the due date until the date of actual payment of the overdue amount, whether or not we start proceedings for recovery of the amount due and before or after judgement in the event of such proceedings.