Terms of use

15. Transfer of representation

15.1. You are at liberty at any time to transfer responsibility for a matter to yourself or to another professional representative. Additionally, circumstances may arise in which we find ourselves unable or unwilling to act for you, and we will then ask you to take on responsibility for the matter yourself or to nominate another representative. In either case we shall cooperate with you and any replacement representative in order to preserve your interests.

15.2. We reserve the right to charge you for any work we are asked to carry out in connection with transferring responsibility, such as providing schedules and status information and bringing attention to due dates. We also reserve the right to charge you for any work we need to do after the transfer of responsibility, such as forwarding correspondence received by us after the transfer.

15.3. In the event of a transfer of responsibility the provision of files or copies of papers shall be in accordance with Section 26, “Our Files”. In the event that your account with us is outstanding at the time of the transfer, if we are asked to carry out work in accordance with Clause 26.2 we shall nevertheless endeavour to advise you or your chosen representative about any critical due dates or other critical information that is not available readily from other sources. However, we cannot accept responsibility if you do not meet any critical due date.