Terms of use

2. What we will do?

2.1. We will handle your affairs on a strictly confidential basis, using our best efforts and with due skill, care and diligence and in a timely manner.

2.2. Our partners and employees will only undertake work within their competence. We will work with you with the aim of obtaining a favourable outcome in any matters that we handle on your behalf but success cannot and is not guaranteed.

2.3. We aim to offer all our clients an efficient and effective service but should there be any aspect of our service with which you are unhappy then you may raise the matter with the Director directly.

2.4. Our approach consists of working with you in stages.

2.4.1. Upon acceptance of these Terms, we ask that you complete faithfully and diligently with as much details as possible the QC. We may ask you to provide us with supporting documentation of any answer you provide on the QC for further assessment.

2.4.2. Upon returning of the QC duly completed, we shall perform our initial assessment which will determine the type of residency program that you could potentially be eligible to, or the requirements that need to be completed in order to potentially qualify (“Initial Assessment”). We shall deliver you the Initial Assessment with the suggested manner to move forward in the program.

2.4.3. If you elect to move forward following the Initial Assessment, we expect you to communicate your acceptance and willingness to move forward in writing. Upon receipt of your confirmation, we shall commence with you the implementation of the process to the extent that you ask our assistance for. Such assistance can cover: The establishment of a relationship with banks for the purpose of opening bank accounts. The assistance in logistics particularly securing acceptable housing. The assistance with all the filings, including the provision of the required translation services and other legalisations. The initial post implementation assistance including social security, tax authorities and other administrative tasks as may be reasonably required.
We detail in our offering of service the basic services as well as the value added services that you may require.