Terms of use

12. Your obligations

12.1. As our client, you are primarily responsible for the provision of accurate and precise information with the supporting documentation in form and substance that are acceptable to us based on the programme you have accepted to apply for.

12.2. As our client, you are responsible for payment of all costs in respect of work carried out on your instructions, including our fees and any disbursements incurred by us. Your responsibility extends to ensuring that we are paid on time in cleared funds. If there is any error, theft or fraud that results in the means of payment not coming into our possession, you remain liable even if, as a result, you suffer loss.

12.3. You are responsible for any instructions that are sent to us by an employee, partner or officer of yours, or by any consultant, agent or other person from whom we have been authorised to accept instructions on your behalf, unless we have received prior written notice not to accept such instructions. If costs are incurred as a result of us acting in good faith on unauthorised instructions, you will remain liable for such costs. We shall not be liable for any loss you may suffer as a result.

12.4. If you wish to abandon a case or to transfer instructions from us to yourself or to another representative, you must inform us in writing as soon as possible. This is particularly important if we have been requested to keep a case open and we carry out continued or repeat work such as the payment of renewal fees in the absence of instructions from you. You will remain liable for all costs and disbursements until we have received instructions in writing that you wish to abandon or transfer the matter and we have had a reasonable period to implement them.

12.5. You cannot transfer responsibility for payment of our charges to another party, and you will remain liable for our charges regardless of what you may decide to do with any rights we have acquired for you.

12.6. We do not operate conditional fee arrangements. Your responsibility for payment of all costs applies even if the outcome of a particular matter is unfavourable to you.

12.7. Additionally, you are responsible for providing us with all the necessary documents that we may from time to time request.

12.8. Should it become apparent at any time during the course of the matter that significant further work is required in addition to that mentioned above we shall inform you and / or your appointed agent.